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What a joy to have met Deirdre! She is a lovely, caring, kind woman ~ truly a gentle soul. The Reiki sessions and hypnotherapy have been invaluable. Deirdre's gifts as a healer have helped me to have a better understanding of some long standing issues/blocks in my me increased clarity and insight going forward. I have a greater sense of calm, inner strength and spiritual gratitude. Anyone with an ailment or concern or just a desire to enhance well being would benefit from Deirdre's skillful blend of healing modalities. The Center for Happiness is an incredibly peaceful place, and Deirdre is a delightful person to spend time with.

Working with Deirdre using EMDR continues to transform my life in a profound way. Many years of traditional talk therapy had left me better able to understand my own trauma and why I function the way I do. However I still felt trapped in a cycle: stuck playing out old habits, holding the root of my fear at a distance, feeling stuck and unable to create the life I wanted.
Returning to the scene of early childhood trauma through visualization, re-creating, and imagination work was frightening at first, but it has been unbelievably powerful. By using the EMDR techniques, I'm able to interact with a memory as a malleable thing, working through it until eventually it feels neutral and distant, a simple moment in the past instead of a terror being re-experienced in the present.
Deirdre is a wise, soothing, non-invasive presence and is always sensitive to my needs in a session, letting me be in control yet gently pushing when it is necessary. She is intuitive, compassionate, and I trust her completely. This work has been one of the most powerful things I've ever done.

I have experienced both Reiki sessions and Reiki training with Deirdre and found her to be a compassionate and knowledgeable practitioner and teacher. The Center for Happiness is an inviting and peaceful place to experience Reiki. She treated me with respect and has a sincere interest in healing others. Highly recommended!

Deirdre is the most compassionate, non-judgmental, generous person that I know. Whether you are searching for a healing on any level, a knowledgeable mental health counselor or just good company, Deirdre will exceed your expectations!

The Center For Happiness and Reiki Heart are near and dear to my heart. I was searching for a place to be re-attuned to Level I Reiki as well as continue my next level of Reiki training and Deirdre's website drew me in. I knew this was the right place for me even though it was an hour away from my home. I had a Reiki session with Deirdre prior to my class and found her to be very insightful and caring, which made me feel great about choosing to advance my training at Reiki Heart. I have completed two levels of training and greatly enjoyed both my experiences. I will be completing a third level in the fall and I am greatly looking forward to it. I know Deirdre is always there if I need help or guidance with anything pertaining to Reiki, which is a wonderful commitment on her part.  For anyone who has been considering Reiki but may be a little unsure of where to go, try Reiki Heart. You will be glad you did.

This was an amazing experience! The treatment was very
healing for me. Not only has my chronic neck and shoulder
pain gone away, but I feel much more centered and
empowered in my life. Deirdre is someone I felt completely
comfortable with...I would recommend her to anyone who
is looking for any kind of healing. Her home office is private, comfortable, clean and full of good vibes!.‎
I have never felt such profound relaxation before.  I felt a 
difference after the treatment too...colors and light 
appeared more vibrant to me.  I am looking forward to
another treatment and exploring this experience further.
My Mother is very senior and has had Reiki with Deirdre.  She loves it. She says it is a spiritual thing for her.  What I see is greater
peace and comfort.  This means the world to me.
About a year ago I first went to Deirdre. I have heart
problems and a family history that is not good when it
comes to heart health. I decided to start getting Reiki for
my heart. Deirdre is warm, professional and generous with
her time. Her home based practice is calm and gentle.
The very first treatment was good, I felt a lot of energy and
experienced healing coming through her hands. I made
another appointment. But, a big surprise happened. I had
not told her about some issues I had with intrusive thoughts.
It was embarrassing to speak of a mental health issue, so I
did not mention it to her. And, to be honest, I did not think
that Reiki could help me with such a problem that I had been
experiencing for decades and that was increasingly
compromising my daily activities. I had these thoughts
every waking hour. After I left my first Reiki treatment for
my heart, my intrusive thoughts stopped. I told Deirdre
about this the next week. She took time to listen and teach
me about these thoughts (she is licensed mental health
therapist). Over the months, I became more open about
mental health with her and have experienced a tremendous
healing. Deirdre told me that Reiki energy and healing will
go to the place it is needed even when we think the healing
is needed somewhere else. After a year, I occasionally have
an intrusive thought but rarely. I have my life back that was
being robbed from me. I continue to see Deirdre for Reiki.
My heart is strong. I am sure that Reiki is flowing to the parts
of my life that need it. For those of us worried about health
costs, try Reiki first! The cost of Reiki is so much more
reasonable that medical doctors. You get lots of personal
attention and healing that is just not offered by medical
doctors.  Thank you Deirdre so much.
My experience with Reiki Heart has grounded me, and made me a more happy and healthy person who enjoys life. I highly recommend The Center for Happiness and Deirdre for your Reiki needs.
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