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Reiki Heart Candles
all natural and socially conscious reiki charged candles
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The Center for Happiness 
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No petroleum products
No animal testing
No bleaching products
No carcinogens
Our Six Candles
We are currently offering Reiki charged candles with six different aromatherapy properties. 
Teal Blue color with Ylang Yang and Tangerine Essential Oils.  Relaxes the mind; reduces stress and anxiety; sooths the nervous system; hypnotic effects.
White color with Rose Essential Oil.  Cleanses; uplifts & calms.
Sea Green color with Fir Needle and  Spearmint Essential Oils.  Invigorates; strengthens; refreshes; revives; energizes the mind.
Yellow color with Bergamot, Rose and Tangerine Essential Oils.  Balances; increases feelings of wellbeing; increases sense of humor; reduces stress and tension.
Rose color with Ylang Ylang, Bergamot and Rose Essential Oils.  Seduces the senses; relaxes the mind; increases feelings of wellbeing.

Lavender color with Lavender Essential Oil. Soothing and calming to the nerves.  Said to be helpful for headaches, insomnia, depression, panic and nervous exhaustion. 
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The sound of Spring
Our candles are made with only the finest ingredients; you will not find any quite like them anywhere.
The Wax
Reiki Heart Candles are made with the highest quality soy wax  which is composed of pure
100% soybeans and carefully selected botanical oils. Candles made with this wax have a creamy appearance and ship well in all climates.  Soy wax has many special properties.  Unlike Paraffin, which comes from the sludge at the bottom of the barrel of oil, no chemicals or bleaching products are added.  You will have no black soot collecting on your candle jar or in and around the areas of your home where you burn your candles.  Soy Candles are clean, and Reiki-Heart uses the best soy wax available on the market today.  The melted wax is so pure that it can be used as a massage oil.   Many of the finest spas in the word use soy candles for this luxurious treatment. 
The Wick
Reiki Heart Candles are made with ECO series wicks, which are specially designed to be used with natural waxes.  They contain no zinc core.  They are composed of cotton braided with thin paper filaments interwoven for burn stability.  These wicks have been primed with vegetable wax rather than paraffin wax.
The Dyes
Reiki Heart Candles are made with all natural candle dyes, which do not contain hazardous solvents or additives such as naphtha or naphthalene (which are commonly found in other candle dyes).  They contain no ingredients that are on the California Prop 65 list of cancer causing ingredients
and are never tested on animals.
The Aromas
Reiki Heart Candles are scented with Essential Oils rather than the fragrance oils found in nearly all other candles.  Unlike fragrance oils which simply smell nice, Essential Oils have therapeutic properties that are used in Aromatherapy.  They are extracted from the petals, seeds, roots, bark and berry of plants and are carefully refined to preserve the very thing that makes them "essential".  They contain the vitamins and nutrients that keep the plant alive - the essential constituents that keep it free from disease and growing strongly.  These parts of the plants are highly sensitive and can be damaged if not properly processed.  It takes approximately 30 petals of a rose to make one drop of essential rose oil.  Essential oils are rarely found in candles due to the fact that they are expensive and for used for their healing properties - something that most candle users are not looking for. 
The Mindfulness
Reiki Heart Candles are made in very small batches with mindfulness each step of the way.  Each ingredient has been selected with mindfulness, and each part of the creative process is carried out mindfully.  The making of the candles is done as a meditation.  Right Livelihood is the center of Deirdre's work in the making of these candles.  It is her intention to provide healing, peace, energy and harmony through these candles in a way to does no harm.  Even our packing materials are recycled.
The Reiki
Reiki Heart Candles are charged with Reiki by Deirdre after each small batch is made.  Because Reiki knows no limits to time and space, the candles can be charged to activate when they are lit and your intention/prayer is thought or said. If you are familiar with Reiki, you know this is called distance healing.
The Prayers/Intentions
Your Reiki Heart Candles come with a written intention or prayer.  This, or your own prayer or intention, may be used to activate your candle after it is lit. You can enhance your experience by performing this action and then spending some time meditating on your breath, the candle flame, your intention or the reiki energy flowing through you.
The Thank You
Your Reiki Heart Candle comes with thanks to you for our connection,  We are all one and there is no boundary or limit to our spirit.

Candles are available at
The Center for Happiness.
Please call ahead for your order.
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