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Karuna Reiki® Classes
Karuna is a Sanskrit word meaning compassionate action

Karuna Reiki® was manifested by William Lee Rand and other healers at The International Center for Reiki Training (ICRT).   To gain the full benefits of Karuna Reiki®, it is necessary to have well incorporated the Usui Reiki Master energies into one's own energy system. It is recommended to wait at least six months to a year following a master level attunement to allow this energetic and spiritual development to occur.
Karuna Reiki® is considered the next step after Usui Reiki Master

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All classes are taught by respected Karuna Reiki® master teacher, Deirdre Affleck, according to the standards of the ICRT, using the center's manuals and certificates. After certification, students will be registered as Karuna Reiki® Practitioners or Masters with the ICRT.

Schedule of upcoming classes in 2017:
Level I: TBS
Level II: TBS
Master Level: TBS

Karuna Reiki® classes are also available as individual instruction with Deirdre.   Call me! 315-440-6865

Karuna Reiki® I  Practitioner
Karuna Reiki® II  Practitioner
level I and II classes are each one day

Usui Reiki Master Practitioner Level III
Cost: $175 for each class($350 for both) includes snacks, the ICRT Karuna Reiki® First and Second Degree Manual & ongoing support after the class is over.
Deposit: $40 for each class($80 for both)

There are 4 symbols given in each level of Karuna Reiki®for a total of 8 symbols.

Level I
The 1st symbol prepares for deep healing ,  and is useful with past life issues, karmic release and cellular healing for deep seated issues like child abuse.

The 2nd symbol heals the shadow self, sexual and physical abuse issues and healing unconscious patterns.

The 3rd symbol fills the person with love and restores balance.  Heals relationships & addictions.  Helps develop good habits.

The 4th symbolis used for grounding, clearing the mind, manifesting and harmonizing the the upper and lower chakras.

Level II
The 5th symbol connects us to our higher self, enhances learning ability, increases creativity and improves mental clarity.

The 6th Symbol helps us reclaim our own power, heals co-dependence & connect with the Earths healing energy.

The 7th symbol increases clairvoyance, helps to release fear & accept peace living in the now.

The 8th symbol is used for grounding, creating priorities, manifesting goals and healing the human race.
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Karuna Reiki® Master Class
One day of class

Karuna Reiki® I & II Practitioner; Usui Reiki Master Teacher- Level IV
Cost: $525
includes snacks, the Karuna Reiki® Master Manual & ongoing support after the class is over.
Deposit: $175

3 Master symbols are given along with instruction and practice in giving all Karuna Reiki® attunements. Advanced techniques of Karuna Reiki® are also taught.  Upon completion of the class, students will be registered as Karuna Reiki® Masters with the ICRT and will be able to teach according to the center's standards, and their students will receive certificates and registration through the center, as well.

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